I'm happy with th best ,<3 .<br />

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; Your Monthsary Wish to Me , 

Dear Darling,
You are always deep inside my heart!
And in my thoughts you dwell!
Our togetherness keeps life blooming!
I appreciate your love, understanding, listening, love,cuteness,care,your respect for me,innocence and everything about you! 
When I’m around you, I know that I can totally be myself!
You are the only person I can say that about! Thank you for accepting me Darling! 
I am glad that I am able to share my life with you!
That special day is here again and You’re just as special to me every single seconds! 
When you look ahead to the future or look back at how things used to be, don’t forget to look beside you, because that’s where you’ll find me, loving you with all my heart!
Nothing in this world Could ever be As wonderful as the love You’ve given me darling! 
Your love makes my days so very bright, just knowing you’re my Darling Wife!  
Happy 8th month Anniversary Darling! 



; I’m happy with th Best , 

Thinking of you means that I miss you..
Holding your hand means I like you..
Squeezing it means I want to kiss you…
Putting my head on your shoulder means Comfort me.. 
My hands on your waist means Never let me go…
Biting my lip means I’m jealous..
Staring into your eyes means “Do you love me?”
Winking means I adore you
Dreaming of you often means You’re someone special
Being with you often means I can’t live without you’
And I’m into you means I love you crazily ! 
He ain’t perfect, He does mistakes, He makes me smile when I’m sad, and Loves playing pranks and irritating me !
Hahahah , 08.12.11,
It’s been 8months since we’ve been together My.KP baby !
I’m glad you came into my life . And made me realize that not everything in th name of Love is th same .
There were tons of ups and downs we went through in just these 8months , to th extend we even almost gave up . But we didn’t .
But, I’m proud to say even till now though there are problems you never fail to make me forget everything by being there for me .
That special happiness I get when I’m with you …
That big smile I get ..
Boy, you would never understand why am I so crazily in love with you , just like you’re madly in love with me ..
That cute little smile of yours ,
That cute little expressions you give when you are sad , Like damn; you’re really like a small baby to me ..

I care more than much for you and you know that too !
Thanks for everything you’ve done for me , Thanks for standing by my side throughout .
You’re really someone I had always dreamt of having .
And by knowing that now you exist in reality , It’s just awesome baby ! 

Feelings that can never be explained ,
Our memories and not forgetting those small little imaginations you get & never fail to tell me every night , .

I know this will Last and you’ve given me confidences too .
I love your family , th way they care for me.(; I really feel like part of your family th first time I met them , especially your Gorgeous Mother ,  . Th lady which I admire th most !
Hahaha , I’m just loving my life !

Thanks to you , and those awesome ones surrounding me .

Love ,
Me 

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